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Our District ESRAG task force purpose is to inspire and support our clubs to engage in action projects to protect the environment - to insure a livable planet for our children and all future generations.  We start this by continuing the conversation that the environment is Rotary's business and that our actions should reflect that.

As we develop our systems of support we will provide presentations to introduce possible project areas for consideration.  We expect to provide examples of projects other clubs are engaged with outside of our district and as we generate projects within our district we will share information on those.  We will include resources that can be useful in planning, designing and implementing our projects.

The projects below are projects that we have presentations about or that are being developed by ESRAG groups around the country that can serve as inspiration for our projects.   Info on additional projects can be found on the Projects page and Project Examples page (from the resources page)

Support the CLIMATE RESTORATION RESOLUTION by clicking here and signing.

Also see Projects and Project Examples pages.

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