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Our District ESRAG task force is part of a Rotary Network that is engaging in a wide variety of efforts to Protect and improve our environment with the intention to ensure a livable planet for our children and all future generations.  This website has been created to share information about these efforts and to encourage the expansion of them.

The sequence of events that led to the creation ofOur district ESRAG task force started with a presentation that Peter Michel gave at his Toastmasters Club on the Climate Crisis, which Chuck Tomaselli was invited to and did attend.   Following this Peter invited Chuck to a Regional Conference of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby (founded by Rotarian Marshall Saunders). At this conference, the founder of “RESULTS” - Sam Daley-Harris gave a talk which impacted Chuck and led to his investigation of Rotary’s actions in the area of the environment.  Chuck discovered that Rotary was quite active and had formed ESRAG in 2015 but that our district had no ESRAG presence. 

In 2018 Chuck formed the ESRAG District Task Force in District 7150 and began to give Introduction to ESRAG presentations to clubs throughout the District. Over 34 of our clubs have seen the presentation.  The in person version was cut short by the pandemic. 


As environmental sustainability was introduced to our clubs,  A leadership team began meeting weekly to develop a structure of support for our clubs.   A District tree planing project was created and a video to support the project was produeed by the New Hartford Club.

Chuck Tomaselli

A new venture in our district is the creation of an ECO Club.  Sponsored by the New Harford Club and mentored by Chuck Tomaselli, this club had its inaugual meeting on earth day with 31 founding members. 

The task force team has developed a number of presentations that can be used by our clubs fo facilitate the exploration, planning and implementation of projects supporting the enviroment.

We have joined in meeting with ESRAG leaders from around the country to learn of projects being developed elsewhere that can serve as models for ones of our own.  Info about these appears in the pages of this site.

This website is being developed to serve as a funnel of information about our accomplishments that can guide our growth.  Rotarians are encouraged to submit information about their enviromental actions so that they can be shared with other clubs in our district and more broadly.  Send your info to Peter at


The Task Force leadership team and support team are currently meeting on Zoom weekly and invite those who have an interest in envionmental action to join us..

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