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The Central New York Food Bank's programs help reduce food waste big time.  Supporting them and other similar organizations is something many clubs can easily do.

Examples of other projects that can be more involved but very impactful are the (Let's Get) Lunch Out of Landfills project to reduce food waste in schools supported by 5 clubs in Frederick, MD.   Also check out the resources of the Food Waste Task Force for great ideas.

If you can't reduce food waste, divert it from landfills.  Compost food scraps rather than throwing them away!

Check out Composting Basics.

Another project dealing with food waste has a history going back into the 80s: Rotary First Harvest that has since morphed into Havest Against Hunger - a program of Rotary District 5030

in Seattle which has become its own non profit organization which is a leader in developing new ways to reduce hunger and food waste.

Click Rotary First Harvest image to see a video about their work.

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