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Solar Window

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

SolarWindow (TM) generates electricity from the sun.

VESTAL, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SolarWindow Technologies, Inc. (Symbol: WNDW) today released scheduled video footage of its largest ultra-transparent SolarWindow™, discretely generating electricity to power lighting and drive a digital multimeter. Capable of generating current and voltage while maintaining the transparent nature of ordinary glass, the featured nine-square-foot SolarWindow™ was created using the Company’s patented LiquidElectricity™ coatings.

These coatings transform otherwise ordinary glass into high-value glass which generates power from sunlight, indoor lighting, and even in the shade.

When installed on commercial buildings, SolarWindow™ products could achieve a one-year financial payback for building owners, according to independently-validated company power and financial modeling.

Check out the VIDEO as well as additional info.

- Frank Fazekas January 21, 2021

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