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(Let's get) Lunch out of Landfills Project of the Southern Frederick Rotary Club in Maryland has developed a toolkit for other clubs to use in combating food waste.

Rotary Club of Ann Arbor North has developed the Global 15-Day Plant-Rich Diet Challenge that anyone can participate in.


The safe disposal of refrigerants, it turns out, is one of the most impactful actions that can be taken, as refrigerants used in air conditioners and refrigerators are thousands of times more damaging than C02.  There is a Rotary project to deal with this and clubs can actually fund raise with this project.  Check out the refrigerant solutions site.


The Pollinator Project is another way to get engaged. The October 2020 issue of the Rotarian magazine had a wonderful article "The Butterfly Effect" about how Rotarians can help restore the habitat along the Monarch's migration route.

The Clean Cookstove Project otherwise known as The fuel saving stoves project in rural Uganda won the Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland Environmental Award. These stoves made out of cheap local materials (dirt ...) save wood, improve health, and free up time for women.

Eor extensive material about Clean Cookstoves, see Project Regeneration 

School kids cheering when the electric lights go on as the result of a Solor Project in Western Uganda. 32 LED solar installations at 26 Ugandan schools, two medical clinics, a women’s center, and three solar-powered wells are the work done in partnership with the Raleigh Midtown Rotary Club; the Rotary Club of Cincinnati; the Rotary Club of Nateete-Kampala; Districts 7710, 9211, and 6670; and others. 

    More on this story here.


Light up Timor is a Solar Project developed by the Rotary Club of Doncaster, Victoria, Australia in consultation with the Rotary Club of Dili. This pilot project is empowering a local social enterprise in Timor Leste to provide 260 Pay-As-You-Go solar energy household installations in the remote, rural community of Baguia in the Baucau District.

Templates that can be used to facilitate projects are being developed by the ESRAG-DRAWDOWN Climate Solutions Taskforce.  Some of the projects are listed on the ESRAG Website under Projects. 

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