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Why Plant Trees?

One of the most direct ways we can mitigate the causes of climate change is to plant trees. This should be a great club project as trees are a major mechanism to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere. And as a hands-on project it can provide an outlet for those who want direct engagement in solving an important problem as well as a team building exercise.


Most of us take trees for granted. They are just part of our environment, which we often erroneously consider to be just inanimate objects. We may appreciate their shade on a summer’s day or their protection from wind on a cold winter’s day, but still consider them just a fixture of our surroundings.  Perhaps we even grouse at having to rake up their leaves in the fall. But this most ancient form of living beings is much more complex and possibly intelligent than we imagine. For more on this aspect of trees check out this article in Smithsonian Magazine.

The New Hartford Club has spearheaded the District tree planting project by creating the video for the Greening of Central New York

See Tree Projects in Our District for details on club tree projects.

For information that will help you plan and implement a tree project check out these resources:



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