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Consider how we might address the environment as one of our clubs goals, as the environment has become one of Rotary's areas of focus and protecting the environment has been declared as Rotary's business.

First we might consider what we are already doing, or have successfully completed in the past.  Did we engage in a tree planting project?  Are we helping to reduce food waste by supporting our local food bank?  Are we reducing pollution in our waterways with clean up efforts?  Are we financially supporting organizations making a difference in the environment?  Are we scheduling club programs about solutions to environmental problems and talking with others about the importance of addressing environmental issues?

After looking at what we are already doing or have done, we should congratulate ourselves for our accomplishments.  Then we might look at how we might expand on our efforts in order to have an even greater impact as well as document and share our results with other clubs in our district and more broadly. 

To expand our impact, creating a club action team would be helpful in creating a structure for fullfilling on our goal.  Such a team might use the suggestions of RCAT - Start a Climate Action Team in Your Club  

One of the things that the action team would do is to report on what a club has been and is planning to do so that it can be reflected in these pages.

Another approach to creating a club team would be to create a team to participate in the Drawdown Ecochallenge 

Assuming we have already seen our Introduction to ESRAG presentation, the next step might be to schedule our presentation on "Drawdown" which will put our efforts in a wider context by giving us a sense of the variety of solutions that are in practice around the world to reverse global warming. 


This and scheduling other environmental presentations is part of keeping the conversation alive in addition to contributing to the exploratory phase of project development.   After exploring what is available is the time to select a project that reflects our club's interests. This will be followed by commiting to carrying it out, planning how it will be done, executing the plan, reporting and evaluating the results.

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